Frequently Asked Questions

How is life coaching different than counseling/therapy?

Life Coaching is the addition to, or follow up after professional counseling. It can also be a stand-alone time without the need for professional counseling. It is the… “you are here” with specific goals in mind to get you to a desired place of consistent, sustained freedom, well-being and powerful, fulfilled living! Life Coaches generally have specific areas that they have a concentration to work with people on. There are many different kinds of coaches and you will be sure to find the one you need for your specific needs.

Professional counseling is a powerful tool to help you discover the when’s, why’s and how’s of how you respond to life from specific ways you were brought up, possible traumas or abuse and stubborn life patterns that are impacting your emotional health as well as your family’s. I am a firm believer in counseling and have many, many connections to excellent counselors in my immediate local if you are in need of one!

How do I get started?

A lot of people call without a specific direction or goal in mind. There are also those who have narrowed things down for there purpose with a coach. Regardless, that’s why we have a 30-45 minute discovery call. We talk about where you are now? We’ll talk about where you’d like to be? What you want more of in your life! I’ll ask questions that help you to dig deeper to start to define purpose and clarity. Then, we’ll discuss different ways we can add to your life for how you see, and experience your circumstances! You may not be ready to set goals and that’s O.K! All things in His perfect timing. And last, but certainly not least, we decide if we’ll be a good fit for each other!

What’s involved in the process?

We’ll first look at who you are and how you were perfectly made…your true identity. We look at all the healthy things you already have in place. We celebrate those! Then we look at where you’d like to be? What are your dreams, desires and some of the obstacles that may be in the way of that?  I will usually have you do some important surveys to help put all the pieces together and bring more clarity.

Each week you’ll have “homework” that helps you to start moving forward in growth, healing and purpose. We value each other’s time, so what we set out to do will be attainable, measurable and purpose-filled. We’ll decide together how long you’ll take, and be strategic in planning your current plan, as well as your follow up plan.

How long would I be meeting with my coach?

This is determined as we look at the issues, healing and growth you’d like to work towards. Most clients will need/want to meet for an entire year to work through all their goals. Some shorter term; 8-12 visits to get started, and then a monthly check in for accountability and things that come up that you’d like further guidance with. This is why I offer packages to find a custom approach for each person. I am here as long as I am needed. I want you to know I’m here to walk life with you!

How long are sessions?

They are 55 minutes.

What if I live far away?

Easy, we will do our sessions on-line. Half of my clients are served this way! We can Skype, FaceTime, Messenger video or Zoom.

Will you ever offer group coaching?

Yes, I plan to have groups two times during the year. Ask about those, and I’ll give you more detail if you are interested in group coaching.

Do you only work with Christian clients?

No, I work with anybody who’s needs, and my expertise matches with. At any point in the coaching relationship you’d like to know more about God and His purpose for your life, I’m happy to share that and help you with your spiritual growth. I’m here to serve in a way that honors who you are as a person.

My promise to you …

I will be your advocate and cheer you on all the way.
I will challenge you to go places you haven’t thought you were ready to. I’ll  help you be accountable to yourself.
I will resource you well with new tools, thought processes & support. I will also help you to sharpen the tools you already have!
I will be kind and compassionate while encouraging you to stretch yourself.
I will help you to discover the beautiful uniqueness of who you are, and whose you are!
I will highlight, delight in, and celebrate all God has deposited in you!

Ask a question:

If I haven’t answered a question from those that are above, I’d be happy to talk through any others that you might have. Contact me today!


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