Mending the Soul Review

I’ve read so many books on freedom and healing…I can’t begin to tell you! 😊 There are some excellent ones out there!This one is really special to me and many others who have walked through the study.

Today I wanted to cover a book that has been an instrumental, sound, practical (yet complex), biblical & sensitive recovery model, for those who have suffered the effects of abuse. It’s called Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse.

I have journeyed through this study for myself, as well as led groups through the study. The book comes with a workbook and is meant to work through in community. In community is where healing really begins!! You’ll process and be an ear of empathy to the others in your group; but the focus is on your own healing and views without trying to “fix” others. In your group you’ll form bonds with those who sit with you during our time together. You’ll experience new ways of relating to your story and those who you share this journey with you. I’ve played many roles in my life, wife, mother, friend, leader, counselor, pastor & coach, but there is no role quite like the observer. The observer gets the honor and privilege of walking with those ready for this journey. Walking with empathy, love, intimacy and grace, as truths unfold and healing begins. There is nothing quite like this as a ministry to others and to yourself. Because as you walk this healing path with others, you learn how to turn all these descriptive words back towards your own true self.

The study is long and it takes courage, strength & intentionality to complete it and start to implement the next steps. Because, trust me, it doesn’t stop at the end your group!

This book and study are comprehensive in teaching you about abuse; what it looks like, feels like, sounds like and its impact on the individual. It answers the questions to your questions…

  • Did that really happen to me?
  • Is that what that is called?
  • Why are relationships so hard for me?
  • What does the bible say about THAT?
  • Is this where deep-rooted (toxic) shame comes from?
  • Is that why I feel so numb?
  • Is that why I have trouble trusting others?

There are probably a million other questions that people ask but this book covers them all.

The biblical & scientific descriptions alone bring relevance and revelation to the learner and the journey with others brings closeness, understanding, affirmation and validation. The healing model takes you from disconnected from self, God and other’s, to learning what healthy intimacy looks like. If you enter in with complete honesty and vulnerability you will get so much from this study and the people you meet with!

This is a private (closed) group and all information stays within the group!

If you are interested in a Mending the Soul group either in office, or on-line, please let me know! You can schedule a free discovery session or email me @:

***This study will be followed up by: Changes that Heal (Cloud) I will cover this book soon!

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